Want to broaden your horizons?
Re-plan your career?
Improve your life-work balance?

You only come this way once! Escape the straitjacket, restore the balance and unlimit yourself.

You can do this by unlocking the Wealth in your Head - your experience, talents, skills, ideas, contacts and worldly wisdom. You can earn what you earn now, doing what you enjoy doing, and at the same time achieve a balanced lifestyle.

The Portfolio Life is the answer to today’s changing world of work. It lets you take control. You decide how much to earn, how many hours to work, who to work with. Business philosopher Charles Handy describes the portfolio life as “a portfolio of activities - some we do for money, some for interest, some for pleasure, some for a cause…the different bits fit together to form a balanced whole .. greater than the parts”.

You…Unlimited is a 'how to' book, a practical guide to becoming a Portfolio Professional. It is well illustrated with real examples from the authors' and others' life-changing experiences. There are special models to help you explore your talents and apply them; and specialist advice on topics such as networking and running your own business.

It answers the questions:
Is this for me? Where do I want to get to? How do I get there?

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You Unlimited

With models, case histories & specialist advice, You...Unlimited is the unique guide to today's fastest-growing role.




Reader Feedback

"You…Unlimited opened the door I'd been looking for and showed me how to build a portfolio career with the freedom and flexibility I have wanted for many years"

"When there's a big step to take you need advice and some hand-holding. This book provided that, but more importantly it gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to set off on my journey"

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